The Colorado Innocence Center works to:

  • exonerate innocent people of the crimes of which they were wrongfully convicted;

  • provide direct, pro bono legal services, representation, or critical assistance to individuals seeking post-conviction relief to prove their innocence;

  • provide consultations, training, and other indirect litigation support to Colorado attorneys and judges regarding wrongful convictions and post-conviction relief;

  • bring substantive reform to the Colorado justice system, the laws of the state of Colorado, and the policies within the state of Colorado responsible for wrongful convictions in order to prevent future wrongful convictions and to make it easier for innocent people to receive justice in Colorado;

  • educate and train the community at large about wrongful convictions, wrongful conviction prevention, and how to correct current wrongful convictions; and

  • provide assistance and holistic support to innocent and exonerated persons in Colorado so they can rebuild their lives after being wrongfully convicted.