Internships, Post-Bars, and Volunteer Opportunities

The Colorado Innocence Center utilizes the help of their many interns and professional volunteers to provide their valuable services throughout the state. If you are interested in volunteering for the Colorado Innocence Center, please complete the form below. 

Post-bar Positions

Post-bars can work full-time (35-40 hours/week) or part-time (20-25 hours/week). To apply, please submit your resume, a cover letter describing your experience with criminal law and wrongful conviction issues, a writing sample, and 3 references. 

  • February Bar Examiners: Post-bar application deadline is September 30
  • July Bar Examiners: Post-bar application deadline is February 1


One of the Colorado Innocence Center’s goals is to train future attorneys and professionals to become effective advocates on the issues of wrongful convictions. This includes internships for law students, graduate students, undergraduates, and high school students. Although we do not have formal affiliations with local schools or universities, we will coordinate with educational institutions in the event an intern wants to receive school credit. An internship with the Colorado Innocence Center is an incredible and unique experience for anyone interested in social justice, criminal justice reform, and becoming an attorney or investigator. 

For-credit internships: The deadline to submit an inquiry for a for-credit internship is April 1 of the preceding academic year, and applications will be due by June 1. Please complete the form to the right, indicating in the message box that you are interested in receiving school credit for an internship with the Colorado Innocence Center. Someone from the Colorado Innocence Center will respond to you via email with more detailed information about the requirements and expectations for for-credit interns. 
Not-for credit internships: All interns are expected to commit to a minimum of 5 hours a week at the Colorado Innocence Center. If you are interested in becoming an intern without credit, please submit your resume and a cover letter explaining what you would like to do.

The deadline to submit materials is as follows:

  • To intern from January through May, the deadline to submit materials is November 1
  • To intern from May through August, the deadline to submit materials is March 1
  • To intern from September through December, the deadline is July 1


Professional Volunteers

It takes a team of amazing volunteers for the Colorado Innocence Center to do their work. We always accept professional volunteers on a rolling basis. Please complete the form to the right and include a copy of your resume and/or CV. 

Attorney and Legal Scholar Volunteers: Volunteer attorneys assist the Colorado Innocence Center in many ways. If you are a volunteer interested in helping the Colorado Innocence Center, you are not required to be a criminal defense attorney. We utilize the help of more seasoned attorneys in litigation matters for our clients, as well as collateral matters that affect their lives post-exoneration, including family law matters, civil rights litigation, and immigration matters. Attorneys with less experience in criminal law matters can assist the Colorado Innocence Center in case review, too. 

Expert Witnesses and Forensic Analysts: The Colorado Innocence Center utilize expert witnesses and forensic analysts for case consultation and analysis, who are kind enough to work on a pro bono basis or at a reduced rate. We also invite expert witnesses and forensic analysts to educate interns and volunteers about their specific area of expertise. 

Investigators and Law Enforcement: The Colorado Innocence Center utilizes licensed investigators regularly. Not only do we welcome licensed investigators, but also retired police officers, sheriff’s deputies, parole and probation officers, and retired correctional officers to aid in our investigations and strategies. These volunteers can volunteer for a single assignment or, in certain situations, work on an entire case.

Other Professionals: Even though the primary focus of the Colorado Innocence Center is to provide investigative efforts and legal services related to wrongful convictions, our other programming requires the use of other professional volunteers. For example, we use the help of social workers and wellness experts for our holistic support services for Colorado exonerees. If you are a professional that wants to utilize your expertise to help us, please also include a brief description of how you can help our organization’s goals.